Days Go By

You were cold and lonely, roaming the streets, dodging cars, hiding in the woods,  and trying to find your way back to where you came from, but you couldn’t remember how. You were confused and didn’t understand why someone left you, dumped you, ignored you. You were picked up by a nice man wearing brown, who picked you up and put you in a big truck. You were scared, but it was warm in there and you were happy to see someone. They brought you to a building with all different abandoned animals, just like you. They got you cleaned up, got you healthy, gave you food, and put you in your own cage. It wasn’t so bad at first. You got to make new friends with the dogs next to you. You got some lovin’ from the humans who fed and cared for you. Volunteers would take you out to play sometimes. But over time, you watched all your dog friends leave their cage. And they wagged their tails as they met their new family, and then you never saw them again. They got to go home. And you watched hundreds of dogs go home. But not you. You’re still in your cage, and even though it’s warm and safe in there, you want a home and a family to be with. You’re bored of being in a cage. You want it to be your turn. You’ve waited long enough.

Welcome to the life of an animal shelter long-timer.

I did a segment on shelter long-timers in the past, and someone suggested changing the term “Long-timer” because it has a negative connotation. But I don’t think I will change it, because in all honesty, it is a very negative situation, and people should realize that. We consider any pet that’s been waiting for 6 months or longer a long-timer. Some of these animals though have been waiting for their home for years. Every day they get their hopes up to get out, but instead are passed by and ignored by the public. It’s no fault of their own, it’s just the sad reality of it. Some pets just aren’t as desirable to the general public as others are. I’m sad to say that a bunch of the dogs we featured as long-timers last year, made the list again this year.

Although I’m always thrilled to see any animal get adopted, it still breaks my heart a little when an animal who has only been waiting a week goes home before the one who has been waiting nearly two years. And it seems that no matter what we do, we can’t get people to focus on these long-timers. We try new photos, videos, flyers, free adoptions, and for whatever reason, they still get overlooked. I hope this post won’t get over-looked the way they have been in the past, and I hope this encourages people to pick the animals who need it the most. Below is a list of the dogs that have been waiting for more than 300 days. Adopt one today for free.

My name is Desi and I’ve been waiting 304 days.


I was only a puppy when I got to the shelter. I was about 6 months old and really scared and confused. No one ever socialized me, so I didn’t know how to act around people. I just get so excited to see people, I can’t contain myself! I’m working on it though!

I’ve been waiting for 304 days. In that time, I’ve grown up quite a bit. I even grew into my ears, kinda. I still have lots of energy, but the shelter volunteers get me out every week so I can run it off. They’re also teaching me commands! I know what the “sit” and “come” words means, and when I do it right, I get a treat! If you see me out of the cage, you’ll see me running around, playing, and having fun. But when I have to go back in the cage, I’m usually sad and quiet. I wish I could stay out of the cage forever.

 My name is Ivy and I’ve been waiting 310 days.


People pass me by because I’m older and that’s not fair! I used to have a home, I lived there for almost 8 years, but they didn’t really care about me. I used to live with my friend Gabana, she was a nice brown dog I shared the yard with. Our owners never paid attention to us. Sometimes when the gate opened, we’d go for a walk. The shelter would pick us up and call our owner to come get us. They’d tell my owner to take better care of us and to keep an eye on us, get us microchipped, and put some tags on our collars. They didn’t though. So, after a few times of visiting the shelter, they didn’t want to be bothered with coming to get us. We both waited a while, hoping someone else would take us home instead. Gabana got lucky and found a new family. I had to say goodbye to her and I thought for sure, I’d be next. But I wasn’t. I’m still here.

Now I’m about 9 or 10 years old (you lose track of birthdays at my age) and I’ve been waiting 310 days for a new home. The shelter employees love me and treat me right, and the volunteers take me out a lot to play and meet new people – I even met the Senator last month! He said I was the sweetest, so I gave him and his friends some extra kisses. The volunteers also help me learn my commands. This old dog learned new tricks! I know sit, down, come, and I’m working on stay. They also taught me to walk nicely on a leash. I love getting treats and learning commands, but really, I just love to cuddle and snuggle with them. I wish I had a human of my own to snuggle all the time.

After Gabana left, I decided I didn’t want to be friends with other doggies anymore. (I don’t mind cats though!) The staff says since I don’t like dogs, and I’m kinda older, I’m a “hard adoption,” whatever that is. Please someone come adopt me so I can live my golden years on a bed instead of in a cage.

My name is Momma and I’ve been waiting 330 days.


I came to the shelter very pregnant and gave birth to a litter of 10 puppies. I got so much attention when they were born, that I thought for sure someone would want to take me home. I even walked the red carpet and showed off in front of a big crowd of people, but instead, everyone wanted my puppies. No one wanted the mommy. One by one all my puppies got adopted, and there I was, still waiting. I’ve been waiting 330 days in my cage. And I’ll be honest, I’m getting really tired of it.

I love when the volunteers come and take me out. They let me run around and have fun. But they also make me work to learn commands. They say it might help get me adopted – I hope so, I’m trying my hardest! I know sit and come, and I’m learning down and stay. I know I can do it! I’m willing to try anything to get adopted. I know I’m not young like a puppy anymore, and I know someone was mean to me and cut my ears off, so maybe I look a little funny, so I try extra hard to get people’s attention. When people walk by I bark so they notice me, then when they stop I smush into the door hoping they reach in and pet me. (The shelter employees tell people not to do that, though. Shux.) I’d do anything to have a home and human to myself. I’m worth it!

My name is Angus and I’ve been waiting 380 days.


I just don’t get it. I’m such a good boy. I’m easy going. I’m handsome, or at least the shelter employees and volunteers tell me I am. Why doesn’t anyone ever want to see me? I just celebrated my one year anniversary at the shelter. In that one year, not one person ever asked to see me out of the cage. Not even one! I’m pretty well behaved in my cage and if I’m barking it’s just so that you notice me.

I can even show off with my commands. I know sit, and I’m getting pretty good at down, and I know come, and if you have a treat, I’ll even stay still! Ask the volunteers, they dressed me up for St. Patrick’s Day and took tons of photos while I sat there with a headband and bowtie on. I’ve got so much patience! I’m not overly clingy, and don’t need constant supervision. I kinda like to just hang out when I’m out of my cage. You learn to appreciate being able to walk around and breathe the fresh air when you spend over a year in a cage. I’d be fine with sharing a home with adults of any age, and dogs are fine too! I just don’t wanna hang out with cats. Please someone notice me! I’m the first cage on the right when you walk in, and yet no one ever seems to see me!

My name is Scrabble and I’ve been waiting 439 days.


I’m almost two years old now and trust me, I’ve come a long way in the 439 days I’ve been at the shelter. I’ll admit, when I first got there, I was an annoying puppy. I wasn’t socialized at all, and just wouldn’t behave. But it wasn’t my fault. No one ever shown me what was right and what was wrong. Thankfully the shelter’s vet tech took me under her wing. It wasn’t easy, but together we learned a lot! She taught me how to behave in public, how to walk nicely on a gentle leader, and then on a regular leash, and she taught me commands. I’m so impressive now!

I can be a really good boy, and I love spending time with dogs, cats, and kids. But, after spending more than 400 days in a cage, it can really get to you. I HATE my cage. I need space, like enough space to sprawl out on the couch for example. Maybe we could even share a bed? Please don’t judge me by my cage behavior, see me out and you’ll see what a good boy I’ve become! I just can’t help myself in there, it’s so stressful!

My name is Sandy and I’ve been waiting 506 days.


I was brought to the shelter on 11-11, and ever since I’ve been wishing someone would take me home. But my wish doesn’t ever come true. I’m a good girl, but the shelter environment can really stress a dog out. I’m always eager to get out of the building, but you’ll notice as soon as I’m out the door I calm right down and behave very well!

The volunteers take me out every week and we learn commands. So far I know sit, down and come. I’m working on stay. I also know how to walk nicely on a leash, but like I said, only when I’m out of the shelter, otherwise, I’ll admit, I pull to get out of there quicker! But you would too after 500 days in a cage! I keep watching everyone around me leave and I wonder when it will be my turn. I’m a good girl and I know I deserve a human that I can have all to my own!

My name is Ranger and I’ve been waiting 567 days.


I can’t believe I’m still waiting here! I grew up with my sister Lucy at someone’s house. They didn’t do the best job of caring for us. We got out a lot and ended up hanging out at the shelter. Eventually our owner decided two was too many. They kept me and gave up Lucy. I couldn’t believe it. Three years later, I ended up back at the shelter and that was the last straw. They left me there. Only a week or so after that, Lucy was adopted! I was happy for her, and hopeful I would be next.

It took Lucy a long time to get adopted because she wasn’t used to people and would get too excited. Well, here I am, with the same problem! Thankfully the volunteers that helped Lucy are helping me too. I’m learning to be calm in a group setting, I know some commands now too, like sit, come and stay. I just can’t seem to figure out what that word down means…but I will! During my 567 days at the shelter, I discovered I really like other dogs and love to be with them. Cats, however, not so much. I really hate cats. But, I love dogs, and people! Since it took Lucy 3 years to go home, I’m not giving up, but I sure hope it doesn’t take me that long. I’m not getting any younger!

My name is Keller and I’ve been waiting 617 days.


I don’t hear anything anyone says about me, but I know the reason I’m overlooked is because I’m deaf. I’ve spent over 600 days in my cage waiting for someone to come along and take me home. The shelter staff seems to really love me, and the volunteers too, so I don’t get why other people don’t.

One of the volunteers that takes me out is my favorite! She taught me all kinds of tricks without me being able to hear her! We do sign language and now I know how to sit, lay down, come, stay, and place. I also know how to walk nicely on a leash. I’m pretty much a professional. When we’re done practicing, all the volunteers come cuddle me. I love it. I’d really love a comfy home with a comfy bed to curl up in. (I’m secretly holding out for my favorite volunteer to take me) but I’d be happy with anyone who could love me just as much!

My name is Hazel and I’ve been waiting 656 Days!!!!


Can I go home now? I’ve been waiting for forever! I came to the shelter as a puppy and got passed by for so long. I’m about 2 years old now and just want someone to play with, a place and human to call my own. I’ve been practicing my commands and I’m ready to show off. I know sit, down, come and stay. I can walk nicely on a leash and I’m eager to please – especially if it means I get some treats!

The volunteers take me out every week and I love to play with as many toys as I can while I’m out. When I’m done playing, I get lots of love from them and it makes me really wish someone would take me home and give me that love all the time! I’ve watched a lot of dogs leave, a lot of them grow up and go home. When will it ever be my turn?

If you’re interested in adopting one of these dogs, please contact the shelter at 631-224-5660 or email We will be happy to answer any questions you may have, and be more than happy to show any of these dogs out of their cages.

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Then and Now: Shelter Success Stories

We’d like to remind people that the pet you see in a shelter setting, is not always the pet you’ll be getting. Many dogs and cats appear fearful, or even slightly aggressive in such a stressful environment. Take a look at the photos and read each pet’s description below to see how drastically a scared, sad animal can change once in a home setting.  All of these pets are in their forever homes, happy and healthy, because someone gave them a chance. Open your heart and home and give one of our many other available animals the chance they deserve.

Slug ThenSlug Now 

Houdini (Formerly Slug) – Once literally afraid of his own shadow and full of anxiety and worry, he now finds comfort, love, and peace in his new home.

Taco Then Taco Now

Taco – Originally thought to be dog aggressive, now hangs out with his pack of friends and gets to go sailing on the boat with everyone.

Mash Then mash Now

Mash – Passed by due to his size and the stereotype that big dogs are aggressive dogs. Mash now spends his days lounging, or hanging out with his two small human best friends, being his true gentle giant self.

Demi Then Demi Now

Demi – Overlooked while at the shelter due to a skin condition and her high energy level, she now is happy, healthy, calm and hangs out with best friend, the cat.

Gotham Then Gotham Now

Gotham – Taken from a bad situation after refusing to fight other dogs. Though he didn’t look like the friendliest dog due to his poor ear crop job and the cuts and scars on him, he proved his appearance wrong. He now lives with two other dogs and two small children who he adores and loves to snuggle them all.

jc Then JC Now

Cordelia (formerly JC) – Came in as a kitty with Ring Worm who was sad and lethargic. After months in isolation and in treatment, she now is healthy and happy and full of energy in her home, living with lots of other animals.

Vanna Then Vanna Now

Lulu (Formerly Vanna) – Skinny and overlooked, she spent months and months in the shelter, barking in her cage from anxiety. She now lives all the way in Texas with her mom and dad and her dog brother Ox. She’s spoiled beyond belief and has nothing left to be anxious about.

Polly Then Polly Now

Ruby (Formerly Polly) – Passed by for over a year due to her apparent energy level and her large seemingly intimidating size. She now lives in a home with two other dogs who she loves to cuddle and be lazy with.

King Kong  Then King Kong Now

King Kong – Scared people away due to his immense size and “aggressive” appearance. Now lives with his best friend and human brother who he is nothing but absolutely sweet to.

Floki Then Floki Now

Floki – Goofy and hyper in the shelter, now dapper and well behaved in his home. (Still a little bit goofy though…haha)

Eisel Then Eisle Now

Maggie (Formerly Eisel) – Never given a chance because she was missing a leg and seen as “too much work”, she is now in a wonderful home doing all the normal things dogs do – no extra work needed.

Buttercup Then Buttercup Now

Buttercup – After a long time of being neglected, then a long time to physically recover, and then a long time of being overlooked due to her size and her apparent high energy level, Buttercup is now in a happy home where she loves to relax, be lazy, cuddle, and give kisses. She’s as gentle as can be, even with her new grandma who uses a wheelchair.

gemma Then Gemma Now

Gemma – Sad and somber while at the shelter, she now is happy as can be with her new family and little human best friends.

Goose then Goose Now

Gordon (Formerly Goose) – Confused by shelter life and eager to go home, Gordon got his wish and now lives with his forever momma and dog best friend. He gets cuddles on a regular basis.

Cheddar Then Cheddar Now

Cheddar – Depression can be a very real thing in dogs, especially in a shelter setting. Cheddar was very depressed and because of that wasn’t acting like this normal happy self. After months and months of sulking in his cage, he is now happy at home and living the comfortable life.

Holly Then Holly Now

Hannah (Formerly Holly) – Originally unsure of everything, and then spent many months in her cage and got antsy to get out. Her high energy level calmed down when she went home and got her daily exercise. She is now a valued member of the family and gets along great with the kids and other dog.

Juno Then Juno Now

Juno – High energy and eager to leave the shelter, Juno is now happy at home and loves going exploring with his family.

Maddie Then Maddie Now

Maddie – Seen as just another brown Pit Bull, Maddie was ignored for almost a year. She is now in a perfect home where she is completely spoiled. What was thought to be dog aggression at the shelter, turned out to just be dominance, (two different things completely!) She now enjoys walks with other dogs and lots of cuddle time with her family.

Spot Then Spot Now

Spot – Lonely and confused in a cage and shelter setting, Spot now lives the life, comfy at home.

Lucy Then Lucy Now

Lucy – Our longest resident, waiting 3 years because of her high energy and inability to calm down around people, Lucy now lives the life of a queen, enjoying her new family, lots of dog and cats to play with, even a goat and horse too. She is often photographed lounging on the bed, or snuggling with the other animals.

Brady Then Brady Now

Brady – Originally a Hurricane Sandy survivor, he was passed by for nearly a year because of his high energy and big dog persona (which most people confuse with “big aggressive dog” persona). Though still goofy as can be, Brady is now happy and healthy at home, with not an aggressive bone in his body. He is getting ready to become a big brother, as he waits for a new baby to arrive.

Allie Then Allie Now

Allie – Super shy and timid at the shelter, Allie now runs the household and loves her new family.

Belle Then Belle Now

Belle – Anxious and seemingly high strung in her cage, Belle now lives the life of leisure and loves spending her time with her human siblings.

Bentley Then Bentley and Schmity Now

Bentley and Schmidty -This was an awesome double adoption. I actually don’t have a before photo of Schmidty though because he was so terrified of everyone and everything that we were pretty concerned he would never get adopted. Bentley on the other hand was  just full of energy and hyper all over. Thankfully they brought the best out in each other and were adopted together. They now spend every day together, cuddle often, and get lots of love from their forever parents.

Arrow Then Arrow Now

Arrow – Always looking for an escape out of the shelter and a place to feel comfortable in, he finally found one when he was adopted and is now home loving his new family.

Izzy Then Izzy Now

Izzy – Emaciated, shy and terrified of life,  Izzy was saved by someone who would nurture her back to health and socialize her. She gained weight and trust there and  lived a happy life with another Dalmatian best friend.

Izzy passed away earlier this year, but was loved every second of every day since going to her real home. Rest in Peace sweet girl.

If you visit us and see a animal is stressed, anxious, depressed, over-active or whatever else in the cage – please ask to see it out and trust that once in a home setting, the animal will warm up and settle down with a little love.  Remember, not all the dogs that seem high-energy in the shelter will stay high-energy once they’re home and get daily exercise. And remember not all dogs that seem lazy and lethargic will stay that way once they’re somewhere they consider comfortable. Spend some extra time with the pet you’re considering adopting and take the chance. That chance is all these pets have to depend on. It’s their only hope. Take a chance – adopt a pet today. 

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Meet Buttercup!

I first met Buttercup in February of 2014 after she had just spent about a month at the VMCLI. I walked past her cage and my heart broke upon looking at her. What should had been a 60 pound dog was a skeleton with fur and open wounds. Buttercup had just returned from a long vet visit. As soon as she arrived at the shelter she was sent there, not only due to lack of weight and poor condition, but because she had two huge abscesses on her hind-end that had burst open.

New Image

Buttercup was seized from her former owner and taken away from the cold and uncomfortable cement space she was living. The abscesses were undoubtedly caused by being tied up and sitting on concrete her entire life.


She was returned to us and we kept up with treatment and socialization. Enjoying the comforts of human contact, a bed, and regular feedings, she began to gain weight and come out of her shell in no time. Though her hind-end took quite the while to heal up, she put on all the weight she needed and never let her circumstances upset her.


One of the most amazing things about so many dogs that have suffered from abuse and neglect is the way they bounce back and the way they still trust. Though this dog has every reason to hate humans, and every reason to show aggression to the breed of animal that treated her worse than garbage, she continually wags that tail and greets everyone see meets with love and affection. No matter her past, she is truly a happy girl.


Buttercup has been waiting since January for someone to give her the life she should have had all along. She celebrates her one year anniversary with us with wishes of finding that perfect forever home. This awesome dog is now about three years old. She weighs a healthy 60 pounds of muscle and love now. She loves people, belly rubs, and toys. In that order. Though she’s a big gentle giant, she is a strong girl and would do best with a stronger owner, in a home without small children. (This is only due to her size and strength, not at all based on temperament. She doesn’t realize her own strength as she goofily runs around throwing her toys around or flopping on the floor insistent on belly rubs.)


Because of her past, and because she’s spent so much time alone in her cage, she hasn’t been properly socialized with other animals. She is a very dominant personality when around other animals, and for that reason, we feel it would be best if she went home to a house as the only pet. But she has so much to offer, that I promise she’s worth it!


Buttercup has great potential. She knows her sit and come commands. She’s working on down and stay. She is eager to please and with a little leadership and training, she will master those commands in no time.


If your home sounds suitable for Buttercup, please come down and see her out of the cage. Don’t make this girl wait any longer than she already has. She’s waited her entire life to prove what an incredible dog she can be. Let her prove that to you!


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Adopt me for FREE!

All of these animals have been waiting for their forever home for six months or longer! They are all good pets who just need a chance. And they need that chance a lot more than the other dogs and cats. Please consider them first when you come to find your new best friend.

Live.Love.Bark will be paying for the adoption fee for each of these animals. Adoption fee covers the cost of the spay or neuter surgery, shots, and micro-chip. Standard adoption application process still applies. For those pets waiting over a year, they’ll even throw in a free bed, bag of food, toys and treats.

Please don’t wait, come meet them today!


Hazel is a sweet girl who is about two years old. She’s grown up in the shelter and is tired of sitting in a cage. She’s been waiting for a year and a half now. She’s very friendly and enjoys her time outside and her playtime. She needs a home without other animals and would do best without small children. She knows sit and down and is learning more and more each week!


Keller is a handsome boy who is deaf. He is a sweet boy who loves people and enjoys having the chance to run around and be a dog. He’s been waiting for about a year and a half. He is very calm and collected in his cage, and will sit right next to you if given the chance. He is currently being trained with hand commands. He knows sit, down, stay, come and place. Because he is deaf, we’d feel more comfortable adopting him out to a home without small children or overly-active dogs. He also needs a home without cats.


This goofball is Ranger. Ranger is 6 years old. He’s been at the shelter for over a year. He starts off as a big ball of energy but once he’s out for a few minutes he’s actually pretty relaxed. I think if he had a normal routine to get his energy out, he’d actually be a pretty relaxed and lazy dog. He would do great in a home with a big yard with lots of space to run around, or someone who is just committed to walking him often enough. He is a strong boy so someone with Bully breed experience would be great. He is learning how to walk nicely on a leash along with commands.  He gets along with most dogs but needs a home without cats. He would do best with older children just due to his size and strength.


Sandy is a sweet girl who is about 2 years old.  She just celebrated her one year anniversary with us. She is such a happy girl once she is out of her cage. She loves to play with toys, especially squeaky toys and tennis balls. She would do great in an active home. She is currently in training and learning her basics. She knows sit and down and is working on come and stay.  She is very responsive and eager to please. She needs a home without other animals but gets along great with children.


Scrabble is a handsome boy who is only about a year old and a half old. He’s approaching his one year mark in January. He is an active dog who is being trained and has learned how to walk much better on leash. He also has learned his commands such as sit and down. He’s learning more each day. Scrabble gets along with most dogs and select cats. He would do best with older children due to his size and energy.


Buttercup was found and brought to our shelter on January 25th, 2014. She was emaciated and skeletal and had two huge abscesses on her hind-end that had burst. These were almost surely caused by being tied up and left on the concrete for so long. She was immediately taken to the Veterinary Medical Center of Long Island (VMCLI) where she was treated. (Thank you so much to everyone there for their incredible work!)

Buttercup has gained a bunch of weight since January and has come out of her shell, showing love and affection to everyone she meets. She is a happy girl now and is ready to find her forever home! She is only between 2 and 3 years old, so she has a nice long, healthy life ahead of her now! She could possibly be homed with another dog, but would do best in a home with older children (just due to her size, not due to her temperament at all.)


Miss Patti is an adorable female Pit mix who is roughly 5 years old. She’s been waiting for a new home since February. She came from a horrible home, where she was chained up outside with a bunch of other dogs and ignored. They cropper her ears (extremely poorly might I add) and bred her multiple times. No matter her past, Patti is a happy girl who just wants to go outside and enjoy someone’s company. She loves belly rubs and rolling in the grass. Patti definitely needs leash training, as she’s only ever been chained up and never walked until she came to the shelter. She should be good with other dogs, but would do best with older children because of her size and strength.


Angus is a handsome boy who came to the shelter totally terrified of everything and everyone. He has been waiting for about 8 months now. He has warmed up and always looks forward to seeing and meeting new people. He enjoys being outside and moseying around. He’s not too big on toys but he’s happy to just be outside and with people.


Ivy is a sweetheart who spent most of her life outdoors. Whether in a backyard or on the street, this girl has been through quite a lot. She is a good girl who is easy going and happy to be around people. She’s been waiting for her home since June. She is roughly 8 years old and would love a home and family that would keep her indoors and safe. She tested well with cats but needs a home without other dogs.


Nikki is a sweet, active girl who has been waiting about six months now. She’s roughly two to three years old. She’s on the petite size, though her ears say otherwise. She loves to play with toys and be outside. She tested well with dogs and cats, but would do best with older children.


Desi is a female Pit puppy who is about a year old. She is growing up at our shelter. She’s been waiting since June for the right person to come along. She is a good girl who needs proper training and socialization. With a dedicated owner she has so much potential. Desi needs a home without children and would do best as the only dog.


Faye is a sweetheart who came into the shelter pregnant back in June. She gave birth to a litter of adorable puppies. All her puppies are adopted and now it’s her turn to go to a happy home! She is between three and four years old. She’s thrilled to just be out of the cage and around people. She’s a happy girl who is very loving and appreciative. She loves cuddles and giving kisses. She needs a home without cats.


Janell is a sweetheart, female cat, who is roughly 7 years old. She enjoys lounging and getting attention. She has one cloudy eye, but it doesn’t stop her from doing anything at all.  Janell loves cuddling on beds or in blankets.


Jenny is a pretty female cat, all grey, who is more on the independent side. She likes her cat naps but is always curious to meet new people.

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Islip Animal Shelter “Long-timers” – Adopt one today!

These animals have been waiting at our shelter for over 6 months for their forever home!
That’s 6 months too long!

Come down and meet these loves. Please consider adopting one of these dogs over the others, as the need for them to be adopted is much more urgent that others.


Hazel has been at the shelter since June of 2013. Hazel has grown up at the shelter. She came to us a scared little girl around 6 to 7 months old. She’s spent over a year being overlooked. She’s now about a year and a half old, and she isn’t getting any younger! Hazel is tired of being in the shelter. She has changed a lot over the months and needs to get out of her cage and into a home setting where she came be comfortable. Hazel knows her commands – sit, down, come, and stay. She also walks nicely on a leash with a little leadership. Though Hazel started off enjoying the company of other animals, over the months she has become more dominant and has decided she would like to be the only animal in the home.  She would do best with older children, if any.



Keller has been at the shelter since July of 2013. He has spent over a year being ignored because he is deaf and no one wants a deaf dog. Keller is roughly 5 years old now. Keller is the most well behaved dog in our shelter right now. He is calm in his cage, and very focused on his handler. He knows commands through hand signals – sit, down, come, and stay, and is in the process of learning more. He walks beautifully on leash and stops and sits down when his handler stops. He does get along with other dogs and children, but because he is deaf, we would prefer he go to a home without any other animals or small children who may startle him.



Ranger has been at the shelter since September of 2013. He’s now about 6 years old and is tired of waiting for a home. Ranger is a big goofball. He is full of personality. Though he is a strong boy, after a few minutes of exercise, he tires quickly and then becomes a big lazy lump. Ranger knows some commands – sit and come, and is working on more. He is also learning to walk nicely on the leash. Ranger has waited over a year, being overlooked by everyone who walks by. Ranger would love a happy home, so long as it doesn’t have cats in it.



Sandy has been at the shelter since November of 2013. She hates being in her cage, and often gets overlooked because of that. Once Sandy is out of her cage she is a happy girl who is eager to please. Sandy knows some commands, like sit and down, and she is learning how to walk nicely by your side on a leash. Sandy would rather be in a home without other animals but would be just fine with children.



Scrabble has been at the shelter since January of 2014. This dog has come a very long way. He came in as a puppy, around 7 months old and was a little crazypants. With a lot of attention and training, he is now well behaved and knows his commands. He also walks well on a leash with a little guidance. Scrabble still hates being in his cage, so please ask to see him out of the cage. He gets along with other dogs and select cats. He would do best with older children.



Buttercup has been at the shelter since January of 2014. She came to the shelter after being tied up outside on the concrete. She has sores on her hind from sitting on the concrete for so long. After being treated, she finally recovered. Buttercup is about three years old. She is overlooked because of her size typically. Though she is a bigger girl, who can be strong, she is a sweetheart who wants to play and wants belly rubs. Buttercup is on the more dominant side with other dogs, but could go to a home with a very submissive dog. She’d prefer a home without cats.

Miss. Patti


Miss. Patti has been at the shelter since February 2014. She spent her life tied up in a backyard and neglected. Miss. Patti is a strong girl who was never properly socialized. She is a friendly girl who, with a little training, has a ton of potential. She just needs a chance. She formerly lived with other dogs, so she should be dog friendly, and tested well with cats so far. She needs a home with older children just due to her size and strength.

If any of these animals fit the description of what you’re looking for, we ask you to please come down and ask for these dogs by name. Please always see a dog out of the cage to see its true personality. And please consider that these animals spent most of their lives in a cage – when they get out at first, they will be over-excited and hyper. Give them some time to let that energy wear off. Then see them for who they really are.

If you can’t adopt, please share these dogs and their stories.

We are their only chance at a life worth living.

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Volunteer Picks

A couple of weeks ago, I posted our employee picks (two of which got adopted since then!) Today I’ll be posting our volunteer’s picks. The Live.Love.Bark volunteers work with these dogs every week, teaching them manners, commands, and socialization.

 Leon’s pick – Midnight, 2 years old, Black Lab mix  397508_10201921386659916_1440662268_n


“Midnight is a black color, medium size, female who is very friendly. She knows her sit and down commands and we are working on her stay. Midnight also walks very well on a loose lead and likes to sit on the park bench and watch the people go by and likes when they stop and say hello. She would be a very good addition to your home and I think she could get along with everyone after being introduced to them. Please stop by and meet her.”

**Side note – Midnight has been waiting since November for her home. She is tired of waiting in a cage. Please ask to see her out of the cage to see her true personality.


Doreen’s pick – Hazel, 1.5 years old, Am Staff mix, Needs to be an only pet

10449454_714151178631880_6927626054571679075_n 10256998_10202196762304135_6484600379958688635_n


“I am a bit partial to Hazel. Hazel is a sweet, smart girl. She is good with her commands and walks well on the leash. She enjoys running around and playing with her toys. She will catch and bring it back to you. She loves belly rubs too. She is so looking for her forever home…her face just says it all.”


Jose and Andrea’s pick – Ziva, 2.5 years old, Am Staff mix

10442349_713860958660902_931506435975273887_n 10402886_713841105329554_4601040538547530801_n
“Ziva is a lovable girl, very energetic, and a total sweetheart. She loves to give kisses and loves interacting with people. She’s learning leash manners, and coming along nicely.” – Andrea

“Ziva is as strong as a bull but when she gets a chance to work out some energy she’s very calm and sweet. Also, she will look at you with a mischievous smile and then will want to play or cuddle. She’s very curious of her surroundings but is very trainable . It only took about three laps before she started to walk with me and not try to pull me. She’s a good, strong girl but she’ll surprise anyone with her soft and playful side.” – Jose



Melanie and Venessa’s pick – Georgia, 6 years old, Pit mix DSC_0213

DSC_0518 DSC_0498

“At first I thought Georgia would be a wild woman (and she definitely has a playful personality at heart), but I quickly realized she is a sweet soul, a total mush, and very respectful. She walks wonderfully on a leash and would make a fantastic companion.” – Melanie

 “Georgia is one of the sweetest dogs I’ve ever met. Georgia unfortunately has two strikes against her; she’s a Pit and she’s on the older side. But she is so appreciative of any attention she receives. She wants nothing more than to have someone to love. She is easy to handle, responsive and respectful, plus she gets along with everyone she meets, other dogs and cats included. She’s waited long enough for her second chance!” – Venessa

Andrea’s pick – Keller, 4 years old, American Bull Dog/ Pit Bull mix

1395190_713828885330776_2540155835751899736_n 10365978_713828765330788_1481145303368375496_n 10402843_713828911997440_5863387131363545154_n

 “Keller! Keller is my favorite because not only is he adorable, he’s smart too. Although he’s deaf, he acts like a hearing dog. He understands some “sign language”, his disposition is fantastic. And the best part? He loves the cuddles! I love this boy!”


Sue’s pick – Quinn, 3.5 years old, Bull Terrier mix

10363352_713836898663308_8692879368901497347_n 10385231_10202450766334077_1481071653_nQuinn

  “Quinn has a huge heart and just loves to interact with you. Quinn is a smart gal who is quick and eager to learn. It doesn’t hurt that she’s gorgeous; those eyes!”

**Side note – Quinn has been waiting since January for her home. She is tired of waiting in a cage. Please ask to see her out of the cage to see her true personality.


Sue’s pick – Astro, 1.5 years old, Black Lab mix, Needs to be an only pet


10335942_10202541308077564_1680490796_n 10362655_10203867010584607_796953693_n

“Astro! He’s a funny guy who makes my day – he is always so happy to see me. Astro is a strong boy who really just wants some guidance and wants to please his human.”


Venessa’s pick – Nikki, 2 years old, Bull Terrier mix


DSC_0247 DSC_0270

 “Nikki is an awesome dog who needs to be noticed. How do you not notice those ears? Nikki is a young girl, who is thrilled to be outside with people, playing with her toys. She knows her sit and down commands and has a ton of potential. She gets along with everyone she meets and she would love to meet you!”



 If you’re interested in meeting any of these dogs, please visit the shelter at 210 South Denver Avenue in Bay Shore, NY.

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Employee Picks

We work with over a hundred animals every day. We love them all, but there will always be one or two that we each gravitate to. These are the dogs that we feel have the potential to be the best pets and your next best friend.

Danielle’s Pick – Scrabble, 1 year old, Pit mix

DSC_1357 2014-07-16_15-52-39_751

DSC_0228 DSC_0257

“Scrabble is a great young Pit mix. With all the training he has been receiving he now walks on a leash nicely and knows sit, down, paw and catch. We are still working on stay and come. He gets along with some dogs and would do okay with cats.  Scrabble loves to sit in your lap even though he is a big dog. He has a lot of energy and would make a great running partner. Scrabble would do best with older children due to his size.”

Amanda’s Pick – Sloth, 3 years old, Am Staff mix

DSC_0319 DSC_1011

DSC_0312 DSC_0317 

“Sloth is the sweetest thing and very playful. I would adopt him myself if I could. He’s always excited to see someone and runs to the front of the cage wagging his tail.”

Bonnie’s Pick – Cornelius, 6 years old, Hound mix

10544404_731090886937909_3104898016909516813_n 10524704_731090873604577_2299469825706948368_n 

1910485_731090846937913_3776539054043380113_n 10306557_731090900271241_7391801411524895975_n

“I picked Cornelius the hound mix.  He is an older dog and is a hard adoption because a lot of people prefer younger dogs. But he is really sweet and would be good for someone that does not want a high energy dog.”

Mary’s Pick – Chelsea, 4 years old, St. Bernard

DSC_0003 DSC_0005

DSC_0498 DSC_0503

“Chelsea the St. Bernard is sweet out of the cage. She loves to run around and is always happy when she is out. Watching her run and her ears going up and down is just so funny, it makes my day. She knows how to sit on command. She has some issues, but she’s come a long way. Please ask to see her out of the cage.”

Bernie’s Pick – Leila, 3 years old, Terrier mix

DSC_0413 DSC_0424 DSC_0435 DSC_0428

“I pick Leila, the Terrier mix. It’s fun to play ball with her and she’s easy to walk on the leash. She has a lot of personality for a little dog.”

Jackie’s Pick – Ivy, 8 years old, Pit mix

DSC_0857 DSC_0372 DSC_0375 DSC_0393

“I’m going to go with Ivy.  After all she’s been through she deserves to be spoiled, and she has the best “puppy dog eyes” I’ve ever seen. How could you say no?”

(George, Liz, and Andrea couldn’t pick just one.)

George’s Pick – Tyra, 1 year old, Am Staff mix

DSC_0666 DSC_0682 DSC_0691 DSC_1074

“Tyra is a great dog. She’s high energy and friendly. She would make a great pet for someone who wanted a one-dog home.”

George’s Pick – Miller, 7 months old, Brindle Mix –

(Brindle is not a real breed, but whatever he is, he’s adorable.)

DSC_0200 DSC_0241 DSC_0245 DSC_0217 

“I like Miller a lot. He’s very fun, friendly and young too! He has the energy level of a puppy but the manners of an adult. He should be adopted by now.”

Andrea’s Pick – Mark, 2 years old, Husky mix


DSC_0104 DSC_0117 DSC_0620

“Mark is an extremely energetic boy who would make an excellent agility dog with the correct training. He flies over the jumps effortlessly. Does the A-frame very nicely but sometimes gets ahead of himself and jumps off ¼ of the way down. Mark is good at the weave poles on the leash. He walks fairly well on the leash. While walking if you want to make a left or right turn all you have to say is right or left and he will turn whichever way. As you are walking if you stop and say sit he will sit automatically. I am working on stay with him and he will do it while I have him on a long leash. Mark is really not fond of cats so he needs to go to a home without them. He seems to be okay  with select dogs. He would do best in a home with a nice size yard with at least a six foot fence. Also if you like to jog he would make an excellent jogging buddy. “

Andrea’s Pick – Vegas, 10 months old, Shar Pei mix


DSC_0908DSC_0907 unnamed (1)

“Vegas is an exceptionally good boy. He loves to play with other dogs and isn’t over-bearing. He did very well greeting other dogs and people at the recent dog wash event. He doesn’t seem to mind cats, he shies away from them when they hiss or swat at him. Vegas learns things quickly, like walking on a leash but he will try to test boundaries when he gets the chance to. Once he gets his energy out, he is more then happy to just lay around. Vegas would make an excellent family dog and companion.”

Liz’s Pick – Carmen, 5 years old, Chihuahua mix

DSC_0579 DSC_0574 DSC_0332 Carmen

“I pick Carmen because she’s such a cool little dog. She’s like a big dog in a small dog’s body. She’s always up for anything and she’s tons of fun. There has to be the perfect home out there somewhere.”

Liz’s Pick – Georgia, 6 years old, Pit mix


DSC_0518 10521865_10201263719354996_1268237084_n  DSC_0223

“I choose Georgia because she’s the happiest dog ever and is guaranteed to put you in a happy mood. She’s so affectionate, easy to handle, and extremely social towards everyone and everything.”

Our staff would also like to remind you that we also adopt out cats and kittens, and even have two rabbits for adoption right now.

If you’re interested in adopting, please come visit us at

210 South Denver Ave in Bay Shore NY.

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