Dog and Cat Friendly Adoptable Dogs



Bessie is a pretty Pit mix who is between two and three years old. She recently had puppies but is done with that now and is spayed and ready for the good life! She is super sweet and submissive. She loves treats and will sit for food. She gets along with dogs, cats and kids.




Cali is a happy, friendly Pit mix who is about three to four years old. She seems to have had a litter of puppies recently, but is now spayed and ready for a real life. She loves people and loves squeaky toys. She tested well with cats and dogs and would do well with children. CALI’S ADOPTION IS PAID FOR!!!




Desi is a female Pit who is about a two to two and a half years old. She grew up in her cage, entering the shelter at around 6 months old. She is a good girl who is in training and getting proper socialization. She knows her sit and come commands so far. Desi is an active girl who would do great with some room to run around. Desi needs a home without little children (7 and under) due to her energy and strength. She tested well with dogs and cats. DESI’S ADOPTION IS PAID FOR!!!


Hasbro (formerly named Tortellini)


Hasbro is a handsome male Pit mix who is friendly and happy to be with his humans or to be chasing after a toy. He is a little bit dopey and clumsy but he means well. So far he knows his sit command and will sit for treats. He’s about a year old. He’d do best with kids 5 and up just due to him being clumsy and silly. He gets along with other dogs and cats.




Queenie is an awesome girl who is only about a year to a year and a half old. She is a tall girl who had her ears cropped off and could use to gain a few pounds, but she’s still stunning! She has the most gorgeous eyes! She is still pretty shy but very sweet and loving. She warms up with a little love and affection and will be happy to give you kisses. Queenie tested well with cats and dogs so far but would prefer a calmer dog. She’d do best without little kids around until she gains her confidence back.




Rhonda is a big beautiful girl who is about 5 years old. She is a sweet girl who loves people and gets along with cats. She gets along with most dogs too. She weighs in at over 80 pounds, and can be a strong girl when she wants to be, so she’d be best in a home with older children for that reason. Though she is strong, she’s really just a gentle giant and is usually easy going and just wants to be right by your side. Rhonda knows her commands, like sit, down, come and kiss. She’s working on her stay command. She’d be happy to show off for you, especially for a treat. RHONDA’S ADOPTION IS PAID FOR!!!




Roger is a handsome boy who is under a year old and would love a real home to grow up in. He is a happy and playful boy who still has his puppy energy. He’d love a family to play with and teach him his commands. Roger gets along with dogs and cats and would be fine with children.



Scout eyes

Scout is a gorgeous female Pit mix who loves people and is always wagging that tail. She knows her sit, down, come and paw commands already and just learned roll over too! She is eager to please and very food motivated. She tested well with cats and most dogs. She would do best with kids over 5 just due to her strength. She can be on the stronger side but is a big love and just wants belly rubs and kisses. SCOUT’S ADOPTION IS PAID FOR!!!




Shadow is a 1 and a half year old mixed breed who is happy to see everyone he meets. He is a playful dog who would do great with some room to run and play. He is knows his basic commands such as sit, down, and come. He walks beautifully on a leash, especially for a dog his size. He gets along well with kids, cats and dogs. SHADOW’S ADOPTION IS PAID FOR!!!




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