I went to the shelter today on my lunch break. I had a few things to get done, like hang up the cage signs I made for all the new dogs, and to hang up photos on the adoption board in the lobby. (The bunny that’s in the cage in the lobby, right under the adoption board, got a hold of some of the ones already up there, so I needed to print new ones anyway and move them to the other side, out of his reach. Silly bunny.) I got those out of the way first and then continued down my “To Do” list.

Another thing I had to get done was to get Ivy’s autographs done for Saturday’s big event. Saturday is the Shelter’s Choice Awards fundraiser, where dogs will be walking the red carpet and receiving awards (over-sized dog biscuits). One of the many things we’re doing to raise extra money is selling photographs of the dogs “signed” by each dog. This requires me to stamp their paw in ink and press it on each photo. Adorable, but not always easy depending on the dog.

I won’t lie, Jackson gave me more trouble than I expected. Not because he was being bad by any means, just distracted and wanted to keep giving me kisses as we were trying to get this done. Sandy wasn’t too bad, but got tired of standing in the same spot while we did this. I had to keep pulling her paw to me and the photos, or shifting everything every time she moved.

Today was Ivy’s turn, and as I expected, it was a breeze. Ivy is quite possibly the most laid back dog in the shelter. If you haven’t met or read about Ivy yet, let me describe her for you – She’s about 10+ years old, all white, Pit mix but not very Pittie. She’s petite and small enough to scoop under your arms, big enough to know you won’t crush her if you accidentally step on her. She is always happy, wiggling her butt and the tail attached to it. One of her most Pittie features is her smile – huge and adorable. Ivy loves people and will gladly sit on your lap. When not in your lap, she’ll frolic (not really run) around the yard for a little bit, munch on some grass, roll around a little, and just mosey. That might be the best word for what she does – she moseys.

So, I took Ivy outside today. I set up the stack of photos on the picnic table, and opened up the ink pad. I called her over, picked her up, and there she laid. She laid on my lap as I rubbed her paw in ink, and pushed it down onto the paper. We did 20+ photos and she sat there the entire time. Every now and then I’d hear a little thump – the wag of her tail on the metal bench. When I finished, I looked at her, said “All done” and she smiled, wagged her tail (thump thump thump), gave me a kiss, and hopped off.

I needed to wash the ink off her white paws, but I didn’t want to spray her with the hose. I put a little water in the pool and picked her up and put her in to wash the ink off. She let me, of course, and then out she went, happy as could be.

We walked back to her cage, easy as can be – she doesn’t pull on leash at all. I opened the cage door and she moseyed right in, went on her bed, looked up at me with that big smile and just stood there letting me take the leash off. As I was putting her back in her cage, I thought to myself (as I do basically every time I see her) “How has no one adopted this dog yet?”

I mean, believe me, I know how… I’m well aware… I just hate that she’s still waiting in her cage instead of living the good life on someone’s couch.

She’s a Pit Bull (mix) – strike one

She’s a senior – strike two

She’s not dog-friendly – strike three

But I still wonder. There has to be someone out there that doesn’t see her as the stereotype, that just wants to make an old dog happy and comfortable in their last few years, and who doesn’t already have a dog. Right? There has to be someone. Somewhere.

Come watch Ivy walk the red carpet on Saturday at 12:30 pm. Spend a few minutes with her, and you’ll be just as obsessed with this little peanut of a dog. And of course, come buy her autograph!

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