Then and Now: Shelter Success Stories

We’d like to remind people that the pet you see in a shelter setting, is not always the pet you’ll be getting. Many dogs and cats appear fearful, or even slightly aggressive in such a stressful environment. Take a look at the photos and read each pet’s description below to see how drastically a scared, sad animal can change once in a home setting.  All of these pets are in their forever homes, happy and healthy, because someone gave them a chance. Open your heart and home and give one of our many other available animals the chance they deserve.

Houdini (Formerly Slug) – Once literally afraid of his own shadow and full of anxiety and worry, he now finds comfort, love, and peace in his new home.

Slug Then

Slug Now 


Taco – Originally thought to be dog aggressive, now hangs out with his pack of friends and gets to go sailing on the boat with everyone.

Taco Then

Taco Now


Mash – Passed by due to his size and the stereotype that big dogs are aggressive dogs. Mash now spends his days lounging, or hanging out with his two small human best friends, being his true gentle giant self.

Mash Then

mash Now


Demi – Overlooked while at the shelter due to a skin condition and her high energy level, she now is happy, healthy, calm and hangs out with best friend, the cat.

Demi Then

Demi Now


Gotham – Taken from a bad situation after refusing to fight other dogs. Though he didn’t look like the friendliest dog due to his poor ear crop job and the cuts and scars on him, he proved his appearance wrong. He now lives with two other dogs and two small children who he adores and loves to snuggle them all.

Gotham Then

Gotham Now



Cordelia (formerly JC) – Came in as a kitty with Ring Worm who was sad and lethargic. After months in isolation and in treatment, she now is healthy and happy and full of energy in her home, living with lots of other animals.

jc Then

JC Now

Lulu (Formerly Vanna) – Skinny and overlooked, she spent months and months in the shelter, barking in her cage from anxiety. She now lives all the way in Texas with her mom and dad and her dog brother Ox. She’s spoiled beyond belief and has nothing left to be anxious about.

Vanna Then

Vanna Now



Ruby (Formerly Polly) – Passed by for over a year due to her apparent energy level and her large seemingly intimidating size. She now lives in a home with two other dogs who she loves to cuddle and be lazy with.

Polly Then

Polly Now

Polly Ruby


King Kong – Scared people away due to his immense size and “aggressive” appearance. Now lives with his best friend and human brother who he is nothing but absolutely sweet to.

King Kong Then

King Kong Now

King Kong


Floki – Goofy and hyper in the shelter, now dapper and well behaved in his home. (Still a little bit goofy though…haha)

Floki Then Floki Now


Maggie (Formerly Eisel) – Never given a chance because she was missing a leg and seen as “too much work”, she is now in a wonderful home doing all the normal things dogs do – no extra work needed.

Eisel Then

Eisle Now


Buttercup – After a long time of being neglected, then a long time to physically recover, and then a long time of being overlooked due to her size and her apparent high energy level, Buttercup is now in a happy home where she loves to relax, be lazy, cuddle, and give kisses. She’s as gentle as can be, even with her new grandma who uses a wheelchair.

Buttercup Then

Buttercup Now


Gemma – Sad and somber while at the shelter, she now is happy as can be with her new family and little human best friends. She recently gained a canine brother, Ranger, who was also adopted from us.

gemma Then

Gemma Now

gemma and ranger

Gordon (Formerly Goose) – Confused by shelter life and eager to go home, Gordon got his wish and now lives with his forever momma and dog best friend. He gets cuddles on a regular basis.

Goose then

Goose Now



Cheddar – Depression can be a very real thing in dogs, especially in a shelter setting. Cheddar was very depressed and because of that wasn’t acting like this normal happy self. After months and months of sulking in his cage, he is now happy at home and living the comfortable life.

Cheddar Then

Cheddar Now


Hannah (Formerly Holly) – Originally unsure of everything, and then spent many months in her cage and got antsy to get out. Her high energy level calmed down when she went home and got her daily exercise. She is now a valued member of the family and gets along great with the kids and other dog.

Holly Then

Holly Now



Juno – High energy and eager to leave the shelter, Juno is now happy at home and loves going exploring with his family.

Juno Then

Juno Now

Maddie – Seen as just another brown Pit Bull, Maddie was ignored for almost a year. She is now in a perfect home where she is completely spoiled. What was thought to be dog aggression at the shelter, turned out to just be dominance, (two different things completely!) She now enjoys walks with other dogs and lots of cuddle time with her family.

Maddie Then

Maddie Now

maddie llb

Spot – Lonely and confused in a cage and shelter setting, Spot now lives the life, comfy at home.

Spot Then

Spot Now


Lucy – Our longest resident, waiting 3 years because of her high energy and inability to calm down around people, Lucy now lives the life of a queen, enjoying her new family, lots of dog and cats to play with, even a goat and horse too. She is often photographed lounging on the bed, or snuggling with the other animals.

Lucy Then

Lucy Now

Lucy and Lina


Brady – Originally a Hurricane Sandy survivor, he was passed by for nearly a year because of his high energy and big dog persona (which most people confuse with “big aggressive dog” persona). Though still goofy as can be, Brady is now happy and healthy at home, with not an aggressive bone in his body. He is getting ready to become a big brother, as he waits for a new baby to arrive. [UPDATE – Brady is a big brother!)

Brady Then

Brady Nowbrady


Allie – Super shy and timid at the shelter, Allie now runs the household and loves her new family.

Allie Then

Allie Now


Belle – Anxious and seemingly high strung in her cage, Belle now lives the life of leisure and loves spending her time with her human siblings.

Belle Then

Belle Now


Bentley and Schmidty -This was an awesome double adoption. I actually don’t have a before photo of Schmidty though because he was so terrified of everyone and everything that we were pretty concerned he would never get adopted. Bentley on the other hand was  just full of energy and hyper all over. Thankfully they brought the best out in each other and were adopted together. They now spend every day together, cuddle often, and get lots of love from their forever parents.

Bentley Then

Bentley and Schmity NowBentley and Schmidty

Arrow – Always looking for an escape out of the shelter and a place to feel comfortable in, he finally found one when he was adopted and is now home loving his new family.

Arrow Then

Arrow Now


Izzy – Emaciated, shy and terrified of life,  Izzy was saved by someone who would nurture her back to health and socialize her. She gained weight and trust there and  lived a happy life with another Dalmatian best friend.

Izzy passed away earlier this year, but was loved every second of every day since going to her real home. Rest in Peace sweet girl.

Izzy Then

Izzy Now



ADDED 2/4/16 –

Bruiser – Passed by because of his age and his poor skin when he first got to the shelter. He was cleaned up and treated and eventually adopted. He now lives on the other side of the country with his mom and a canine sister.




Loki (formerly known as Mulligan – Loud and hyper in his cage, this boy now spends most of his time lounging on his huge bed or snuggling with his family.



Sandy – Spent years in the shelter after being overlooked, was thought of as a ball of energy, now relaxes in her new forever home where she gets to cuddle up on all the couches and beds and hang out with her new human sister.




Jackson – Would bang on his cage and bark and bark. He just wanted to get out though. Now he spends his days lounging and hanging out with his human and feline siblings.



Crystal – Passed by due to her strength and energy level. She now spends her time being lazy on her huge bed and cuddling with her dog brother.



Ellis – Thought to be “sketchy” because he was very still and shy at first. Turned out to just be unsure of his surroundings. Now he’s more than sure and completely in love with his forever family.





Cody (formerly known as ET) – thought to be devocalized because of the noises he would make in his cage. Passed by due to the sound and due to his energy level and goofiness. Now he is living the life and traveling all over with his new mom.




Frankie – Considered very hard to handle, he waited in the shelter until we could find someone qualified to train him. With a little love and a lot of patience, he found his humans and is now a gentle giant.



Ranger – Passed by due to his looks (big and muscular) and due to his energy level. He was adopted into a home with two kids and another shelter alumni and spends his days snuggling and snoozing now.


ranger human



Bucky (formerly known as Hop Along) – Overlooked and underestimated because he was missing a leg. Now he is loving life with his family, doing all the same things a 4-legged dog does.




If you visit us and see a animal is stressed, anxious, depressed, over-active or whatever else in the cage – please ask to see it out and trust that once in a home setting, the animal will warm up and settle down with a little love.  Remember, not all the dogs that seem high-energy in the shelter will stay high-energy once they’re home and get daily exercise. And remember not all dogs that seem lazy and lethargic will stay that way once they’re somewhere they consider comfortable. Spend some extra time with the pet you’re considering adopting and take the chance. That chance is all these pets have to depend on. It’s their only hope. Take a chance – adopt a pet today. 

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