I first met Buttercup in February of 2014 after she had just spent about a month at the VMCLI. I walked past her cage and my heart broke upon looking at her. What should had been a 60 pound dog was a skeleton with fur and open wounds. Buttercup had just returned from a long vet visit. As soon as she arrived at the shelter she was sent there, not only due to lack of weight and poor condition, but because she had two huge abscesses on her hind-end that had burst open.

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Buttercup was seized from her former owner and taken away from the cold and uncomfortable cement space she was living. The abscesses were undoubtedly caused by being tied up and sitting on concrete her entire life.


She was returned to us and we kept up with treatment and socialization. Enjoying the comforts of human contact, a bed, and regular feedings, she began to gain weight and come out of her shell in no time. Though her hind-end took quite the while to heal up, she put on all the weight she needed and never let her circumstances upset her.


One of the most amazing things about so many dogs that have suffered from abuse and neglect is the way they bounce back and the way they still trust. Though this dog has every reason to hate humans, and every reason to show aggression to the breed of animal that treated her worse than garbage, she continually wags that tail and greets everyone see meets with love and affection. No matter her past, she is truly a happy girl.


Buttercup has been waiting since January for someone to give her the life she should have had all along. She celebrates her one year anniversary with us with wishes of finding that perfect forever home. This awesome dog is now about three years old. She weighs a healthy 60 pounds of muscle and love now. She loves people, belly rubs, and toys. In that order. Though she’s a big gentle giant, she is a strong girl and would do best with a stronger owner, in a home without small children. (This is only due to her size and strength, not at all based on temperament. She doesn’t realize her own strength as she goofily runs around throwing her toys around or flopping on the floor insistent on belly rubs.)


Because of her past, and because she’s spent so much time alone in her cage, she hasn’t been properly socialized with other animals. She is a very dominant personality when around other animals, and for that reason, we feel it would be best if she went home to a house as the only pet. But she has so much to offer, that I promise she’s worth it!


Buttercup has great potential. She knows her sit and come commands. She’s working on down and stay. She is eager to please and with a little leadership and training, she will master those commands in no time.


If your home sounds suitable for Buttercup, please come down and see her out of the cage. Don’t make this girl wait any longer than she already has. She’s waited her entire life to prove what an incredible dog she can be. Let her prove that to you!


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