Volunteer Picks

A couple of weeks ago, I posted our employee picks (two of which got adopted since then!) Today I’ll be posting our volunteer’s picks. The Live.Love.Bark volunteers work with these dogs every week, teaching them manners, commands, and socialization.

 Leon’s pick – Midnight, 2 years old, Black Lab mix  397508_10201921386659916_1440662268_n


“Midnight is a black color, medium size, female who is very friendly. She knows her sit and down commands and we are working on her stay. Midnight also walks very well on a loose lead and likes to sit on the park bench and watch the people go by and likes when they stop and say hello. She would be a very good addition to your home and I think she could get along with everyone after being introduced to them. Please stop by and meet her.”

**Side note – Midnight has been waiting since November for her home. She is tired of waiting in a cage. Please ask to see her out of the cage to see her true personality.


Doreen’s pick – Hazel, 1.5 years old, Am Staff mix, Needs to be an only pet

10449454_714151178631880_6927626054571679075_n 10256998_10202196762304135_6484600379958688635_n


“I am a bit partial to Hazel. Hazel is a sweet, smart girl. She is good with her commands and walks well on the leash. She enjoys running around and playing with her toys. She will catch and bring it back to you. She loves belly rubs too. She is so looking for her forever home…her face just says it all.”


Jose and Andrea’s pick – Ziva, 2.5 years old, Am Staff mix

10442349_713860958660902_931506435975273887_n 10402886_713841105329554_4601040538547530801_n
“Ziva is a lovable girl, very energetic, and a total sweetheart. She loves to give kisses and loves interacting with people. She’s learning leash manners, and coming along nicely.” – Andrea

“Ziva is as strong as a bull but when she gets a chance to work out some energy she’s very calm and sweet. Also, she will look at you with a mischievous smile and then will want to play or cuddle. She’s very curious of her surroundings but is very trainable . It only took about three laps before she started to walk with me and not try to pull me. She’s a good, strong girl but she’ll surprise anyone with her soft and playful side.” – Jose



Melanie and Venessa’s pick – Georgia, 6 years old, Pit mix DSC_0213

DSC_0518 DSC_0498

“At first I thought Georgia would be a wild woman (and she definitely has a playful personality at heart), but I quickly realized she is a sweet soul, a total mush, and very respectful. She walks wonderfully on a leash and would make a fantastic companion.” – Melanie

 “Georgia is one of the sweetest dogs I’ve ever met. Georgia unfortunately has two strikes against her; she’s a Pit and she’s on the older side. But she is so appreciative of any attention she receives. She wants nothing more than to have someone to love. She is easy to handle, responsive and respectful, plus she gets along with everyone she meets, other dogs and cats included. She’s waited long enough for her second chance!” – Venessa

Andrea’s pick – Keller, 4 years old, American Bull Dog/ Pit Bull mix

1395190_713828885330776_2540155835751899736_n 10365978_713828765330788_1481145303368375496_n 10402843_713828911997440_5863387131363545154_n

 “Keller! Keller is my favorite because not only is he adorable, he’s smart too. Although he’s deaf, he acts like a hearing dog. He understands some “sign language”, his disposition is fantastic. And the best part? He loves the cuddles! I love this boy!”


Sue’s pick – Quinn, 3.5 years old, Bull Terrier mix

10363352_713836898663308_8692879368901497347_n 10385231_10202450766334077_1481071653_nQuinn

  “Quinn has a huge heart and just loves to interact with you. Quinn is a smart gal who is quick and eager to learn. It doesn’t hurt that she’s gorgeous; those eyes!”

**Side note – Quinn has been waiting since January for her home. She is tired of waiting in a cage. Please ask to see her out of the cage to see her true personality.


Sue’s pick – Astro, 1.5 years old, Black Lab mix, Needs to be an only pet


10335942_10202541308077564_1680490796_n 10362655_10203867010584607_796953693_n

“Astro! He’s a funny guy who makes my day – he is always so happy to see me. Astro is a strong boy who really just wants some guidance and wants to please his human.”


Venessa’s pick – Nikki, 2 years old, Bull Terrier mix


DSC_0247 DSC_0270

 “Nikki is an awesome dog who needs to be noticed. How do you not notice those ears? Nikki is a young girl, who is thrilled to be outside with people, playing with her toys. She knows her sit and down commands and has a ton of potential. She gets along with everyone she meets and she would love to meet you!”



 If you’re interested in meeting any of these dogs, please visit the shelter at 210 South Denver Avenue in Bay Shore, NY.

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