Finding Humanity in Animal Oriented Companies

As you all know from my constant posts, the shelter is always looking for donations. We prefer to use our allotted budget on medical expenses, because we feel saving lives is the biggest and most important part of any animal shelter or rescue. By asking the public and outside organizations and companies for donations, we save what money we would have spent on things like food or cleaning supplies and then can use that for medications, surgeries, and wellness products.

Part of my job, or what I’ve made part of my job, is continually looking for companies who are willing to donate to the shelter. I’ve contacted numerous companies from food companies, pet med companies, to even hotels for their old towels and sheets. I don’t always get a response – actually, I hardly ever get a response- but when I do get a response, they are almost always automatic. You never get to deal with a real person and they more often than not deny your request for donations.

When I reached out to 1-800-PetMeds I was sure they would be like all the other companies, where I would not get a response, or if I did it would be just an automatic email back explaining that someone will review my request, and then I’d never hear back from them. I was pleasantly surprised when I received an email back from them, within only a short time, eagerly wanting to help and to donate a care package.

Not only did they donate to us that initial time, but since then, their representative has contacted me numerous times, even added me on facebook, and keeps in touch with me. Whenever she is able to donate, after less than a week of when she contacts me, we receive that beautiful white box with their logo on it. (THANK YOU, DANA!)  This week we received another donation from them, full of goodies for our animals.

unnamed (3)unnamed (2)

It is so refreshing to be able to work with a real person, representing a company that really does care about the welfare of animals  – not just pets but all animals. I only wish that more companies could be like 1-800-PetMeds and donate to the animals who need it the most – the homeless beauties in shelters and rescues who have been neglected and denied these products their whole lives.

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One Response to Finding Humanity in Animal Oriented Companies

  1. Dana Baca says:

    Wow, this makes me feel so good about my job, knowing people like you really appreciate it.
    Thank you, you made my day!

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