A New Leaf for Islip Animal Shelter

I’ve been waiting some time to write this entry. I’m thrilled to finally be able to announce that Islip Animal Shelter and Adopt-a-Pet Center will now be working exclusively with a new group of volunteers: the extremely dedicated individuals who make up Live.Love.Bark Dog Rescue Inc.

Myself and a group of other animal lovers and pet professionals joined together after the shelter parted ways with the last volunteer organization, to discuss what it was the shelter animals really needed (other than homes, obviously.) It took a very short time to realize that what they needed was us. We have worked together over the past couple of months to create an organization that revolves around training, promoting and fundraising.

Of course, being the President of this organization, I’m bias. But, for those who have met me, I think it’s pretty evident how dedicated I am to these animals. I spend my days off at the shelter, I spend my nights answering messages and comments on our facebook page, updating photos, working on our Pinterest page, our Petfinder page, this blog page, etc. I’ve planned a ton of events for the shelter so far (some of which I paid for out of pocket,) and I’m stoked to keep doing that, only on a larger scale now.

I think I can speak for the other members of Live.Love.Bark as well. My other directors, Jen and Sue, along with our group of regular volunteers, have dedicated so much time to this shelter. Jen, a professional dog trainer, has worked with our shelter to help evaluate dogs and has trained dozens of volunteers on her days off. Sue, who adopted her boy Jake from our shelter years ago and more recently adopted Willow, the cat, from us, has been at the shelter every weekend working with our dogs, helping them learn how to behave. We are all volunteers, donating our time and efforts. We do not get paid to be there, or to care.  We truly love these animals and will go above and beyond to do everything we possibly can to see them get into homes. We’re so looking forward to doing this on a regular basis and seeing our hard work pay off with every adoption.

Live.Love.Bark Dog Rescue Inc. is proud to say that in the last few months the organization was able to sign 501C3 paperwork and has raised enough funds through various fundraisers to begin working directly and exclusively with the shelter. The goals are to evaluate dogs and train those who show potential and those who are most commonly overlooked. Through the Canine Good Citizen program, attention is brought to a group of dogs who are trained to behave and mind their manners in a public setting. They learn the basics like sit, down, stay, and come, as well as how to react around a group of people, other dogs, or if around distractions. A trained dog is much more appealing than a dog who seems chaotic in the shelter, and because of this their chances for adoption raise much higher. Who doesn’t want a dog who knows all the tricks already?!

We encourage you all to check out the Live.Love.Bark website and to “like” the group’s page on Facebook. And of course, keep checking both the Live.Love.Bark’s sites and the shelter’s sites to find out about upcoming events and donation drives!

I can speak for both the shelter and the rescue when I say that everyone is excited about this union and we’re ready for great things to come from it. We hope to see all of you at each of our events, and would love to help you find your next pet!

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