Another year ending

Another year is ending and as we close this chapter, we’re preparing for our second annual Holiday Toy Drive.

Our first drive was so successful, we’ve all been eager to repeat it. Last year’s drive started with me buying Christmas stockings for a select few dogs who had been at the shelter for a long period of time – an attempt to make it seem more like home for them. After hanging a few though, the thought popped into my head, that this could be a great way to get people down to the shelter.


So, $100 less richer, I decorated and hung the 80+ stockings  I bought for each animal on each cage. I figured, even if there was only one toy in each stocking, it’d be a success. Never did I expect what the event actually turned out to be.


Last year’s event saw more than 125 families walk through those runs, donating over 80 gallons of toys! (THAT’S A GALLON A STOCKING!) We also raised collars, leashes, and over 400 pounds of dry food. We couldn’t have asked for a better turn out!


It was touching to see the kids down there, excited to pick out specific toys for each animal’s stocking. And of course, as always, it was so wonderful to see our former adopters down there, and hear stories of our shelter alumni!


The best part of the day though, was that with so many people walking in and out of the shelter, we had a couple of bonus adoptions, leaving us with 5 dog adoptions and 2 cat adoptions and with five other applications pending. Our biggest and greatest success of the day – King Kong, finding his forever home!


We are only now starting to run low on toys from last year’s drive. This year, we’re hoping to do just as well, if not better! If we can raise enough toys to last all of 2014, we can save a nice part of our budget to spend on more important things, like saving lives!



 We’re excited to see everyone and can’t wait to fill these stockings! Please be sure to share our event flyer with all your friends and family!

toy drive

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