Dogs under a year old.

** UPDATED 6-2-14**

We understand that a lot of families want puppies instead of adult dogs. And for certain people, a puppy is the most ideal companion. But instead of going to a puppy store or “backyard breeder”, paying hundreds of dollars, and supporting irresponsible breeding, come down to your local shelter and save a life! You never know what we’ll get in! We currently have a few different dogs who are under a year old. Read about them below:



Vegas is a handsome boy who is about 10 months old. He’s a Shar pei Pit mix with gorgeous markings. He’s a happy, playful boy who knows the command sit and is eager to learn and please.



Veda is a cute little female Pit mix who is between 6 and 8 months old. She is your average happy puppy who loves to play and loves attention.



Tyra is a cutie pie who is only about a year old. This little girl is adorable, especially when she snorts and snores. She needs a home without other dogs.



Tia is a female Boston Terrier mix who is between 9 months and a year old. She’s a happy girl and is your typical puppy – always wanting attention and playtime. She gets along with other dogs.



Ross is a Pit mix puppy who is about 9 months old. He’s your typical happy puppy who loves to play with toys.




Rachel is a sweet female Pit mix puppy who is about 7 months old. She’s also your typical energetic puppy who is high energy. She needs a home without other dogs.



Floki is a handsome male Pit Bull who is about a year old. He’s a strong boy and would do great with some training.



Looking for something different? Keep checking in to see who we get in. We get dogs in that range anywhere from a few weeks to senior dogs that are 9+. Check out our Facebook page to see who is still waiting for their home.

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