Recovered and Ready for Homes!

**UPDATED 8-6-13**

Many times, we get animals in our shelter that have been injured or sick and need to be treated before we can put them up for adoption. Here is a list of pets that have been through a lot and are now healthy and happy and ready for their homes!


kitty hair loss(February 2013)

DSC_0418(March 2013)

JC is a sweet girl who has grown up at the shelter. She is a gorgeous cat with a ton of personality. She came in as a kitten, who was losing her hair and had little motivation to move around or meow. She was found to be suffering from ringworm. After a long treatment period, she is now testing negative and is ready to find her home. She is just now starting to grow her fur back. Don’t judge her because of her fur, before you know it, she will have a full, healthy coat again. She has been with us since February and is finally ready to go home.


224741_511271368919863_953309472_n(March 2013)

DSC_9488(May 2013)

Demi came in suffering from mange. She was sad and it hurt to move. She laid in her cage and was totally inactive. After treatment, she was a totally different dog. Demi is now healthy and happy and LOVES to play. She is making up for missing her puppyhood and is as active as a girl half her age. Demi gets along with everyone she meets, so come meet her!



Dolly came in to us immediately needing surgery. Within the first hours she was here she was sent to have her tail amputated. She now has a little nub that gives her extra personality. Dolly has been waiting since August of 2012 for her home. Please don’t pass her by just because she doesn’t have a tail. She still has a heart and would make someone a great pet.


Woody 1 (June 2012)

woody(February 2013)

Woody came in as a puppy, covered in mange. After a long time of treatment, he is happy and healthy and making up for the time he missed out on. He is now about a year and a half old and wants to know what life is like outside of the shelter. He hates being in his cage, please come adopt this boy so he can live a happy and calm life.



Oreo just finished her treatment for heartworm. Though she was sick, you’d never know it. She still played and was just as active as ever. She’s back to her healthy self now. She had to take some time off from her Canine Good Citizen training. She back to training now though and will soon make the perfect, well-behaved pet everyone is looking for!

Currently being treated:



Cheddar is a sweet boy who is currently suffering from double ear infections. They are driving him insane right now, constantly shaking his head and trying to itch them. He is being treated and hopefully will be back to his normal happy self again.


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