Looking for a dog who is dog/cat/kid friendly?

Need a dog who goes good with everything? We’ve got ’em! Here are some of our current dogs who have tested well with both dogs and cats, and would be great with kids.

***Updated 6/6/13***


Cheddar 1

Cheddar is a friendly Plab (Pit/Lab mix) who is about two years old. he is a gorgeous golden color. He is pretty relaxed and very calm in his cage. He gets along with all animals and people!



Demi has been recovering from mange. She is a happy girl who is only about a year and a half old. She is playful and excited. She will need some training but she’s a sweet girl and she gets along with everyone!



Lucy has been with us for over two years now! She is a sweet girl who has a lot of energy. She loves toys and loves to play. She patiently waits in her cage everyday to go outside and play. She gets along with everyone she meets. With a little training, she would make the perfect pet. Please come meet this girl. Two years in a shelter is not fair to any dog!

Come meet these dogs! They are sweet, happy dogs who deserve good homes and lots of love and attention.

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6 Responses to Looking for a dog who is dog/cat/kid friendly?

  1. Dancer says:

    Athena is very pretty,I would like to give her a home…

    • Venessa says:

      If you’re interested in adopting, you need to come down to the shelter and do a meet and greet with the dog. Give the shelter a call for more info (631) 224-5660.

  2. Dancer says:

    I have to wait and get a ride,I am disabled and spend a lot of time learning to walk again,I use crutches and wheelchair when tired.I hope that won’t disqualify me from adopting?

    • Venessa says:

      It won’t disqualify you at all. Just have to ensure the dog is comfortable around the crutches and wheelchair, as some dogs are frightened by them.

  3. Darlene Lane says:

    Faye is very sweet, did not jump on me at all like many boxers do. She went right for the toy box!

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