Burning Animals Alive

Today’s topic is a particularly disgusting one: Animal Burning. Different civilizations have been burning animals alive all throughout history. Prior to the 1800’s, cat burning was a form of entertainment in France. People would gather dozens of cats in a net and hoist them high into the air onto a bonfire. In the medieval and early modern periods, cats, which were associated with vanity and witchcraft, were sometimes burned as symbols of the Devil.

Though these acts seem completely barbaric and impossible to be happening in modern day society, unfortunately the burning of animals is something that is still very real today.

In fact, only last year, Ukraine found themselves fighting animal activist groups after they were found out. In preparation for the 2012 UEFA European Football Championship, (Euro 2012), Ukraine invested in a mobile incinerator to burn stray animals. Local TV in the town of Lisichansk excitedly reported the purchase of a $20,000 mobile incinerator for ‘eliminating biological waste’ – namely the disposal of the carcasses of stray animals.

“We put this incinerator on wheels and are now able to cover large areas, including neighboring towns. We had many objections, but they are of far less importance than our fight against bites from stray dogs and the spread of infections,” insists Yury Basyuk, a Lisichansk official.

Clearly the idea of an animal shelter never occurred to them. Or even (and it’s sad that this is still a better alternative to what they are doing,) the idea of humane euthanasia, so these dogs are not in agonizing pain for an extended period of time before they die.

Supposedly, tens of thousands of stray animals roam the streets of Ukraine’s cities. In Lisichansk alone, hundreds of residents are bitten by dogs every year.

The town’s authorities planned to first shoot the animals and then destroy their remains in the mobile incinerator. But what followed was a spate of gruesome killings, sparking outrage among animal protection groups.

Authorities were originally told to shoot the animal first, or poison them with isoniazid, a cheap drug used for treating tuberculosis in humans, that is sold regularly in pharmacies. The pills induce convulsions, vomiting in animals, leading to a painful death. Though some animals were killed this way, and then the bodies were burnt, it was found out that majority of the animals were not being killed before hand, but rather just thrown in the incinerator and burned alive.

Ukraine is not the only place burning animals though. If you read yesterday’s blog post, you read about South Korea, killing dogs in slaughterhouses for their meat. Well, these two topics can actually be tied together. Dogs are burned alive in South Korea everyday. They are often beaten or stabbed enough to no longer put up a fight, but then, still alive, are thrown into a tub of boiling water.

As sickening as these methods are, equally as disturbing are those acts committed closer to home. There have been many accounts within the United States of sheer animal abuse, where someone decided to either light an animal on fire, throw an animal in the oven, or purposely burn an animal with things like lighters, cigarettes, flat irons, or space heaters. These acts are committed without any other reason other than to torture and hurt the animal.

I don’t think I need to tell you that obviously all of these acts are acts of animal abuse. Each person involved deserves to be locked up (or worse) and should be held 100% accountable. If you suspect an animal might be in danger, (see burn marks, blisters, raw skin, smell burnt fur, etc.) CALL YOUR LOCAL AUTHORITIES.


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