Dog Fighting

I’m not going to write everything you already know about dog fighting.

We all now how crazy it is, that it is of course abuse, and that people who participate in any way should be locked up.

Instead I’m going to list a few different terms you may have not heard or known about and explain what each one means.

Dog Fighting – Breeding and training dogs to fight each other within a pit or ring for betting purposes. It involves two dogs in the ring, usually Pit Bulls. These dogs typically fight until death. 

Bait Dog – Bait or Baiting is the act of tormenting a chained or confined animal by setting game dogs upon it for sport. A Bait Dog is usually a small dog or puppy. They are matched up with a large, full grown dog, who has been either caged or chained and is ready to kill. They are often tossed or dumped after they complete their purpose.

Campaign – A fighting dog’s career.

Champion – A dog who has won three fights or more.

Convention – A large dog fighting event, sometimes with accompanying activities like music and food.

Dogmen – Professional trainers and handlers that train dogs to become aggressive and ready to fight.

Grand Champion – An undefeated dog with five wins or more.

Gameness – A willingness to fight in dogs, a quality that is essential and critical for a fighting dog. (Many dogs lack this and when they do they are often dumped or let loose. Many shelter dogs that were once used as fighting dogs lacked this quality and were picked up as strays after they were left.)

Prospect – A young, aggressive dog identified as a potentially good fighting dog.

Scratch Lines – Lines in a dog fighting ring behind which the animals start in a match.

The Keep – The training a fighting dog undergoes leading up to a fight, lasting about six weeks.

The Show – The fight.

Breeding Stand – A barrel or stand that a female dog is tied to while a muzzled male dog mates with her.

Trunk-Fighting – Two dogs, usually Pit Bulls, are thrown into the trunk of a car to fight until death. Same betting standards apply.

Hog-Dog-Fighting – This is where a Pit Bull fights a wild hog or feral pig in a pit or ring. This is most common in southern United States.

Badger Baiting – This is where a Pit Bull fights a wild badger in a pit or a ring. This is most common in the United Kingdom.


Dog fighting is considered illegal in most countries and in majority of the United States. If you think you know someone who may be involved in this, contact your local authorities immediately.

Your local animal control does not have the authority to do anything about dog fighting. They can not enter someone’s property without the owner’s permission. YOU MUST CONTACT THE POLICE. Then once the police have acted, we will be able to go in and take the dogs from the property.





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