Dogs of the Day!







Meet Brutus!



Brutus came to us in December emaciated with some hair loss and scars. He was clearly neglected. At first he was shy and scared but he has warmed up and is a happy boy now!

27896_467449156635418_358989385_n(December, 2012)

Brutus has gained a ton of weight since he came in and is now healthy as can be. His coat is nice and full and you’d never know he was neglected by looking at him now.

DSC_0238 (This dog has the biggest, blackest eyes.)

Brutus is a good boy who knows basic commands like sit, paw, and down. He is very smart, he loves tennis balls, and is always happy to be around people. Brutus needs a home without cats.

DSC_0200 (April, 2013)

If you are interested in adopting Brutus, please call our shelter at (631) 224-5660.



Meet Envy!


Envy came to us in August of 2012. She’s between 3 and 4. She was also extremely skinny. But she has since gained plenty of weight and is happy and healthy.

557448_421760507870950_188206790_n (August, 2012)

Envy loves belly rubs, playing with toys, and human interaction. She loves to roll on her back and wiggle around. She’s pretty adorable. Envy needs a home without cats.

483738_511632805550386_2133706105_n (March, 2013)

If you’re interested in adopting Envy, contact our shelter at (631) 224-5660.




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