The 2nd Annual Dog Wash!

Last year, not too much after I started with the shelter, we had our first ever dog wash. I had been brainstorming ideas for something that would be fun and get not only people involved, but their pets too. When I came up with the idea I wasn’t sure how it would go. Are we even allowed to do something like this? Would people really bring their dogs to get washed? Will the dogs get anxious and uncomfortable around so many people and other dogs? What if it rains or is too cold for the dogs? How will our dogs react to everything going on – because the biggest factor was: I definitely wanted something that our dogs could be a part of.


(Asia, former long-time Shelter dog and Superstar, getting a bath!)

After a lot of discussion and red tape, we had the okay from the Town to continue with the event. And I have to say, it went better than I ever expected. We had a beautiful day and with the help of Shelter Link, we washed a few dozen dogs and raised over $600 between wash fees and raffle tickets. And the event was only two hours! We weren’t sure how it would turn out, so we made it a short time period, this way we didn’t just have volunteers sitting around doing nothing. (We really could have kept going!) And the best part of the day – we ended up getting a bunch of applications for adoption too!

Gwen actually ended up getting adopted specifically because of that event.


(Gwen, former Shelter dog, one of the lucky ones who had applications put in on them at the event!)

It was a good time where people were able to socialize with other pet owners. They were able to ask trainers from petco about any concerns they had. People won some pretty amazing baskets (some of the donations raffled off were really cool!) and every paying customer got a free hot dog from a local hot dog vendor, who is awesome and donates to our functions quite often.


(Candy, one of my own dogs, getting a seriously much needed bath! And losing probably a pound of hair. lol)

Last year we had the event next to Town Hall, because at the time, we didn’t have the space at the shelter. This year we’re switching it up because we now have a nice field in the back of our shelter that we can set up in. We’re all happy about this, because now we can bring as many and whichever dogs out as we want. And people are more apt to adopt when they’re already at the shelter, rather than just seeing  a photo and then maybe making the trip.

dog day

(Town Clerk Olga Murray, her two daughters, and Marlene Johnston of Councilman Cochrane’s office were there to manage the raffle table.)

Also a little different from last year is that this time we’ll have various vendors set up. We’re in the works of getting some great people there. We already have one company signed on, who we love! Beautycounter, a beauty supply company who is ANIMAL FRIENDLY, will be set up with some different products available! And our friends over at petco have signed on too, who always offer freebies and give-aways.


(Oreo, dog resident of Islip Town, loving her bath and all that attention.)

If you or your company would like to have a table set up, let me know! Email me at, or message me on the Shelter’s facebook page!


(One of three pugs belonging to Kerry Liselli of Councilman Flotteron’s office, getting dried off by Shelter Link volunteers.)

This year’s event is on Saturday, May 25th from 12-3. (If we’re still going strong by 3pm, we’ll extend it to 4pm!) We hope you bring your pups down for a bath! If you know your dogs won’t be comfortable around all those people and dogs, but you still want to help, you can help Shelter Link by volunteering to wash dogs, or help manage the raffle tables. Not going to be around that weekend, but still want to help? Donate something great to be raffled off! Contact me about donating! (Use the same email listed above, or message me on facebook!)


(Formerly known as Noodles, a former shelter puppy, getting her first bath.)

Last year we made about $600. Lets double that this year! Tell all your friends and family members to bring their dogs down! All proceeds go to the care and comfort of our animals! Your donations could be saving a life! Plus, you get a free hot dog! 😉

Dog Wash 2013

See you there!


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