Dogs of the Day!

Today’s dogs were both used for breeding and over-bred. They were found after having multiple litters. They are both at the age where breeders typical dispose of their mommy-dogs. They may be too old to breed, but they’re never too old to love.


547293_419744214739246_366831105_n August/ 2012

For some reason, I have a sincere sympathy for this dog. More so than the rest anyway. I’m not sure why, I just like her. Liz and George make fun of me for it. (Jerks… 😛 ) There is something sweet about this dog that makes me want to hug her.

561054_430563613657306_973449848_n September/ 2012

Cutie is a Mastiff mix. (Possible Boxer mix, possible Pit mix, who knows.) She is about 4 and a half years old now. She’s been with us since August of 2012. She is good with dogs and cats and kids. -WHY IS THIS DOG STILL HERE?!

71939_509500675763599_1925942513_n March / 2013

The main reason Cutie gets passed on is because she’s so big. (She is a Mastiff mix after all.) She also doesn’t realize how big she is. She’s a little bit of a bull in a china shop. She just gets excited. Can’t blame a dog for that, especially being in a cage all day. But other than size, there is no reason this dog deserves to still be here. She would make a great pet!


If you are interested in adopting Cutie (tag #2243) please contact our shelter at (631) 224-5660.

Penny – 

487010_460576633989337_1721315401_n November/ 2012

Another one of my current favorites is Penny. Penny was used as a breeding dog – most likely to breed fighting dogs. She came in with cropped ears, very shy and scared. She is now used to people and is friendly and happy to see us. She is the sweetest girl. She is probably one of the most calm, if not the calmest dog we have at the shelter.

556413_490561847657482_2036748030_n January/ 2013

Penny is a small Pit Bull (could even be considered a pocket-Pit) who is about four years old. She has been with us since November of 2012. She is friendly and would make a great family dog. She does need a home without cats though.


Penny gets overlooked all too often because she doesn’t have the most friendly appearance. Don’t let her cropped ears fool you though. Meet one on one with this dog and you’ll fall in love with her.


If you are interested in adopting Penny (tag #3487) please contact our shelter at (631) 224-5660.

** Please know:

  • You must be 18 and older to adopt.
  • All potential adopters must do a meet and greet with the dog before an application will be approved. If you have other dogs, they must be part of that meet and greet to ensure everyone will get along.
  • If you rent your home, you must have a notarized letter from your landlord stating you are allowed to own and shelter a dog there. If you’re interested in a larger dog, make sure that note states there are no breed or weight restrictions.
  • Unfortunately at this time, we do not do transports.
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One Response to Dogs of the Day!

  1. susan Johnson says:

    Another awesome article. You are an amazing person for all you do to helps these dogs.

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