Meet Brady!

Right after Hurricane Sandy hit, the shelter was full of strays. Some were legitimately misplaced due to the storm. Their families came in looking for them and crying tears of joy when they were reunited.

Unfortunately, not everyone was so eager to get their pets back. It’s sad to think that in such a time of emergency and chaos, there are people who used this situation as the perfect excuse to let their unwanted pets go loose into the streets – claiming they got out during the storm when really they were let loose by their owners.

We love a nice reunion story at the shelter. Who doesn’t? But when it comes to people like that, we’d rather keep the dog and try and find it a better home. We hate having to give a dog back to people we know won’t take care of it. These people don’t deserve their dogs back. Which brings me to the story of Brady.


Brady is a sweet Pit Bull, about 4 years old, who has been with us since October of 2012. Brady was picked up as a stray right after Hurricane Sandy. He was obviously kept as an outside dog. His coat wasn’t in the best shape and he had fly bites on him. But that didn’t stop him from smiling.


My first encounter with Brady was with Liz, as she tried to contain him long enough for me to take his photograph. After a few seconds he calmed down and actually was quite the ham. He gave the camera his big smile and was happy to be around us.

After months of getting to know him, he’s become the dog we all laugh at when we walk down the runs. You can’t not smile when you see him looking up at you all goofy-faced and excited. Brady is an overall happy dog. He has a big smile and can cheer you up instantly.


After a few months of him being at the shelter with very little interest shown in him, Liz, George and myself took him out to get to know him better and get some new (healthier looking) photos. We let him loose in the viewing room and he was so excited to be around people. He would run around the room, play with toys, and hit up against you to make sure you were paying attention to him.

Brady doesn’t always have a clear concept of where he is or how big he is. If you throw the ball for him, he’ll keep running until he hits a wall. He is a complete doof. But in the best and most adorable way of course. The three of us kept cracking up as he entertained us.




Brady is still waiting for his forever home. All of the other dogs who came in after Sandy were either claimed by their owners or have been adopted out. But poor Brady waits everyday in his cage wondering when it will be his turn.

Brady needs a home without cats. He is good with people and children and will be the perfect addition to any family. Please come meet him and let him make you smile too!


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6 Responses to Meet Brady!

  1. MaryAnn says:

    Hope Brandy finds a good furever home. One that will have an emergency plan that includes him I use to live in Toms River NJ and had a hurricane plan instilled for my home I knew where to go and what to take and that included all my pets. You people in NJ NY and all that affected during hurricane Sandy had days to prepare for this storm I have no sympathy only for the dogs and people that didnt take their pets with them KARMA got you!!!!!!!! SHAME SHAME SHAME

  2. MaryAnn says:

    I mean people who did take Screw those who abandoned their animals

  3. Janine says:

    If Brady still needs a home I would love to come meet him! Maybe my home would b the perfect fit!!!

    • Venessa says:

      Brady is still waiting for his forever home! If you’d like to visit the shelter, we’re located at 210 South Denver Ave. in Bay Shore NY 🙂

    • Lizzie says:

      Janine, did you go? Did you meet him? What happened?

      • Janine says:

        No I did not… I didn’t hear from anyone so I assume he received a home!
        I really wanted to take Brady home and love him up! I tried ❤

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