Meet Emma!

Emma’s one year anniversary is coming up this month! Emma is a female pit mix who is about two – two and a half years old.


When I first met Emma, I didn’t realize how sweet she was. She was a little hyper and her tail was wagging a mile a minute. I took her picture like the rest of them and thought nothing of it.


I mentioned in a previous post how we all have one or two dogs that is “our baby” – we each have our favorites. Emma is one of Liz’s favorites.

It wasn’t until Liz kept bugging me to really spend some time with Emma that I realized why she was a favorite. We were in the hallways with her and Emma was literally crawling up Liz to get to her face and give her kisses. And that’s all she ever wants to do – give kisses!

emma liz 2

Every now and then she’ll play with a toy, but usually she’s happier playing with people, rolling on the ground with you, kissing your face, accidentally smacking you with her tail because it’s wagging so much.


Emma’s main downfall – she needs a home without other animals. We have had plenty of people interested in her, but because she doesn’t get along with other animals, no one takes her home. She also gets extremely excitable in her cage when she sees new people. It’s her way of saying “Hey!! Look at me!!” Ask to see her out of her cage and then she’ll calm down to her kissy self.

If you don’t have other animals and are looking for a total lovebug, then Emma is your girl. Come meet her in person and see how sweet she is!


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