Meet Wilbur!





Wilbur is one of my shelter favorites. It’s a new fondness though.




For whatever reason, we never took pictures of him when I first started. Then for a while, he was sick and was being treated for heart worm, so he pretty much sat in his cage and looked sad all the time. I felt so bad for him. He has that sad face that makes you just want to crawl in his cage and hug him.


Wilbur has been at the shelter for well over a  year now, waiting for someone to come and take him home. He is a Dobie/Pit mix. Yeah, I know, that sounds intimidating right? Please. This dog is so sweet, he’s the total opposite of the stereotypes – for both of those breeds. He is the perfect mix of mushy and playful. He will be your shadow and never want to leave your side. He’ll press himself up against you until you scratch his back or rub his belly.

Now that he is healthy again and ready for his home, Wilbur is a happy boy who loves to play and gets along with mostly everyone.


About a month ago, Wilbur was showcased as Pet of the Week. I normally take all the Pet of the Week photos with the help of Liz, but she happened to be on vacation that week. It was really busy that day down at the shelter, so I decided to take matters into my own hands. I went to his cage and he came right up to me and let me put his leash on. We walked nice to the room and once I let him off the leash he was just so happy to be out and be next to someone. He started to lean up against me so I’d pet him.

After an hour or so of bonding, playing with a tennis ball and scratching his back until he was sprawled out on the floor with glee, Wilbur and I were good friends! I kept thinking to myself, “Why the hell hasn’t this dog been adopted yet?”

I still wonder that. Wilbur is by far one of the best dogs we have at the shelter. He is perfect for someone who doesn’t want the hassle of a new puppy, but who still wants to have someone to play with. He’s well behaved and knows some commands. He’s very smart and would surely be able to learn more with some easy training. And most importantly, he’s so full of love. You look into his eyes and you can tell, all he wants, is to make someone happy.

Come down to the shelter and be that someone.


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